Sunday, October 8, 2017

Photos: Painting Our Master Bedroom Bayberry Blue

 When we got our house last year, I was never in-love with the color they picked out in our master bedroom. Working in the paint industry, I saw them have Valspar Quikhide in the garage when we toured the house and that's very cheap paint as Valspar made it to appeal for really cheap contractors. Even if the color covers, cheap paint doesn't hold up very well. I have a little color zapper that connects to my smartphone and I'm pretty sure they painted it New Penny (3001-8B) by Valspar. It's beige with a bit of peach in it. Was not a fan of it but I did tolerate it for over a year.
I had gotten Olympic One Interior Paint + Primer in a semi-gloss finish and I used it awhile ago to paint a furniture piece the same color we wanted the walls. I just didn't have the time or energy to work on the room until now. It's a good mid-grade paint.
I still have to paint the trim (just a high-gloss white when I get around to it) but Olympic One is a good-covering latex with a pretty durable finish especially in a sheen like semi-gloss. This is the wall after just one coat of it. The color was Bayberry Blue (790) by Benjamin Moore that was color-matched into the paint we wanted. 


  1. That's a really nice colour. It'll pop even more when you do the trim. Painting is a simple way to update a home but it does require time.

    I'll be sending you an email tomorrow morning. I'm almost done...

  2. I had to paint and paint and paint when we did our home renovation. I couldn't bear to think of painting again. I love your blue color. Does blue fade more though? We were too lazy. We painted every room a different shade of white. It's amazing how many kinds of white there are.

    1. Blues don't fade as fast as more other colors, typically Red-Orange-Yellow will fade much more quickly, especially outside of course.

      Whites are safer, fade wise, as there isn't much room for them to fade back into.

  3. I just finished redoing our entire bedroom and am sick to death of painting. I like the color that you chose for your room. Blue is such a soothing color, perfect for a bedroom.

  4. That is a lovely colour Adam, you did a good job to paint that.

  5. You're a handy knowledgeable guy when it comes to home maintenance

  6. I love that color! It gives the room the pop that it needs. Great choice!

  7. Perfect color. That is one thing I need to do on all the walls.

  8. Your master bedroom is much prettier! I hope when I get around to some needed painting that I can pick your brain!