Friday, November 24, 2017

Fact of the Day: House of Lords

England's Parliament started and grew during the reign of the Plantagenets. During Edward III's reign, the House of Lords was established which officially separated the nobility from the "common" people in the government house.   


  1. Commoners can't get near those oh so royal people, pffft

  2. Sure doesn't sound like a good thing. You have a fabulous Friday.

  3. Ha ha, it makes you laugh...............

  4. UK: House of Lords is what now is called a review place in modern day politics............a la the US Senate. Your bloody Congress is like the UK House of Commons.
    Here in Australia we have a House of Representatives (US: COngress) and a Senate which has representatives of the States and Territories....... a la your US Senate.
    What bloody planet do Christine, Pat and Marg live on????????

    Furthermore the UK House of Lords is no longer full of what is called the Aristocracy. Most former UK Prime Ministers are elevated to the House of Lords as are prominent ordinary people....even bloody old POP stars!

    No wonder you ended up with a Buffoon like Turnip Top as leader and the scariest person on planet Earth!

  5. uh..Im still trying to figure out if colin is giving us history or just pissed..ha