Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fact of the Day: Patton Reincarnation

Controversial WWII general George S. Patton wasn't exactly known well for his faith in the Bible but he was a devout Christian man in his personal life. Ironically Patton also believed in reincarnation, and believed he lived many different lives, but always as a soldier. 


  1. So often the way people use "faith"; to simply reinforce their own personal desires.

  2. That's interesting. Hugs...RO

  3. Interesting things we learn about people.

  4. Wow ~ I find that fascinating, Adam! I'm an agnostic, but I've always had a tiny unshakable voice deep inside me that insists that I have lived before. I push it down because scientific me finds the idea preposterous, but I've never been able to kill that voice.

  5. I think he really was in love with the old Roman times as well. He was a different bird that's for sure

  6. Well some believe you keep getting reincarnated until you reach a certain level of existence and no longer need to come back. Patton is probably still working on it. Or is that karma?

  7. Good for him for thinking outside of the box.

  8. He was an interesting guy, and our richest general during WWII.

    1. Also the most self-centred.
      He romanced a lot on this reincarnation business.

      The movie "Patton" depicts him rather well.
      He hated Field MarshallMontgomery ( an ally) and admired Generalfeldmarshall Rommel ( an adversary). Really an enigma of a man.
      He gave Eisenhower and Omar Bradley was no wonder that Eisenhower was a chain smoker.