Friday, November 17, 2017

Photos: First Round of Christmas for the Little Ones

 It seems like yesterday when I had no nieces or nephews, now I got A LOT of them. So I got half of them their Christmas presents already, though they won't get them until Santa is ready anyway. My baby niece Little R is getting this bunny here.
My youngest nephew Mr. C is getting this hover robot. It's kind of tiny, but it's pretty neat. The place we got it had one on demo.  
My oldest nephew Mr. K is getting this salt powered robot. I learned that salt water can be used to recharge certain batteries from watching Gilligan's Island (hey The Professor was a smart man!) so I figured he'd have fun and learn something that most people don't know anyway. 


  1. I hope your nieces and nephews don't read your blog.

  2. you are way ahead with your shopping!

  3. I am sure they will love these gifts!

  4. There are going to be some happy nieces and nephews come Christmas morning! I've got to get busy! LOL

  5. Wow you are so well organised.
    They will love these.

    All the best Jan