Sunday, December 17, 2017

Fact of the Day: Lady Randolph Churchill

Winston Churchill's mother Lady Randolph Churchill (Jennie Spencer-Churchill) wasn't exactly a devoted wife to his father. She is believed to have had several affairs while married including to the married Prince of Wales, who became the future King Edward VII.  


  1. Guess she wanted to trade up for higher class?

  2. I read a bio on her years ago..very interesting lady

  3. Well, she was an American, so what can you expect? lol

  4. Read more history on this subject, even the excellent mini-series
    "Downton Abbey" was in a way related to this business in that the English Aristocracy was running out of "loot" and needed the new money of the New World (USA) to prop up their estates and castles.

    Jennie Spencer was one of these rich ladies. The Churchills were one of these families.
    It is all in history books to read and many BBC TV documentaries have been done on this subject............all excellent.
    I often wonder just what do Yanks watch on TV??????