Sunday, December 3, 2017

Fact of the Day: Truman in Retirement

While most U.S. President have more wealth before and after their presidency than most normal people, that was not the case for Harry S. Truman. After his terms were over, he only had a meager army pension, so he had to move in with his mother-in-law.


  1. That must have been quite the come down

  2. I wonder what the story behind this detail is. Didn't he get well paid for being the president, or how does it work? I know too little about the American presidencies to fully understand how this is possible, but an interesting detail it is indeed. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and leaving me such kind comments :)

    E from Helsinki, Finland

    1. He lived in an era where presidents were expected to retire back to a wealthy life. Congress changed things because of Truman, they set up a pension and Hoover and him were the only living presidents at the time. Hoover accepted his in order not to humiliate Truman.

      Presidents these days do get a pretty good salary though most made more before they were president. But there is a great pension system for them now so you'll almost never see this happen ever again

  3. I never heard he was short on money.

  4. Man, those were the days before all presidents were millionaires, eh? The presidency was still within reach of ordinary people.

  5. Interesting! My M-I-L or my own mother for that matter would be the last people I'd want to live with.