Friday, December 1, 2017

Favorite Quotes: Snowflake Fall

"No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place."

-Zen Proverb 

I like this quote as it sounds pretty cool and wise. Though I will say that it doesn't make sense literally, as what's a wrong place for snow to fall? A volcano? But it is funny how many things do seem to work themselves out...sometimes.


  1. That's an interesting thing to think about.

  2. What a PERFECT proverb for what my life is like. Thanks!

  3. I really like this quote:) Really kinda sums up the idea that everything happens for a reason.

  4. I think it means everything is as it should be, and our job is to learn how to accept things as they are.

    1. I like the quote also, and Stephens interpretation makes complete sense.

  5. I also like how Stephen put it. However, I feel that crap needs to stay out of Indiana. I am not looking forward to the first snowfall of the year. That's when all the idiot drivers come out to play.

  6. Quotes like this so often makes you think.
    It is an interesting quote.

    All the best Jan