Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Photos: Christmas Carnival at Work

 My work originally was going to rent out bowling lanes for a Christmas Party, but someone decided to hold a "carnival" in the back with games and food instead. As far as games, there was this ring toss someone made. Much harder than it looked.
 And the ol' guess who many candies are in this jar game. I lost all four...
 There was also dart throwing. You only had one shot, I did make it in the red but close to the green. The better the color, the better the candy was per the card color on the bag. I saw a bunch of losers with their yellow bags. 
Same with this golf game, I did manage to get it in the number one spot. 


  1. I think this looked more fun than bowling:)

  2. That looks like a fun party. My husband's work just caters in lunch. There's nothing fun like this going on there.

  3. Wow what a cute fun carnival! Im glad you walked away with one of the good prizes.

  4. How nice that your work thought enough to arrange a party.