Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Boss Baby (2017 Film) Review

 I remember seeing trailers for The Boss Baby back about this time last year. I will have to admit, it did look promising. Granted I like Pixar way more than Dreamworks, but The Boss Baby looked clever enough. However not clever enough for me to see it in theaters. It actually did really well at the box office, as Dreamworks is planning a sequel to come out in 2021. However it seemed to be rather hit or miss with both critics and regular people alike. Knowing that, it could have been either way with me, but with did I think?
 The Boss Baby starts out with a young imaginative kid named Timothy Leslie Templeton. He thinks his life at this point is absoutely perfect. However his parents has big news for him and he never saw it coming. He comes downstairs one day and meets his brand new baby brother. Tim is horrified and treats his brother as if he was a stranger who didn't belong to his family. However Tim discovers something about his baby bro that his parents don't know. Turns out little brother can walk and talk better than some grown-ups. 
 His brother claims to work for Baby Corps who is on a secret mission to save the "love of babies" forever. He treats Tim like he is merely a servant and he is the boss. Tim tries to get his parents to listen but always falls short. His little brother knows how to manipulate Tim's parents, and Tim can't stand it. However Tim learns of his little brother's plans to save his own kind. They soon come to a strange agreement to help each other out. However will the two ever want to remain brothers or will they need to separate?  
Overall The Boss Baby was about what I imagined, like most Dreamworks films it's good but it's not great. Tim and his little brother clash very well, and the story can be smart, cute, and fun many times. However it's hard to really say why, but the story just doesn't compare to something like Pixar's best or even their lesser films except maybe Cars. I hear there is a Netflix TV series of The Boss Baby coming next year, but I think I will pass on that. But I will most likely see the sequel when it comes out.  

Score: B


  1. I didn't see this one because the premise of the movie struck me as being too similar to Stewie Griffin. I love Stewie and didn't want to see a cut-rate version.

  2. Not sure if I will watch or pass on this one...

  3. I was curious about this one but haven't seen it.

  4. I watched it a few months ago when it was in movies. Really good, I would give B too, cause I watched a lot of better cartoons.

  5. Abby and I watched it and laughed all the way thru it..(she's 5)