Sunday, January 28, 2018

Things I Like: Bowser (Super Mario Odyssey)

While Bowser's appearances in the spin-off games can be rather forgetful, his roles in the main games usually aren't. Typical of Bowser, he kidnaps Princess Peach and a magical hat's little sister... But this game makes it clear that Bowser wants to marry her and I assume have weird humanoid-reptilian children together.
 Mario tries to stop Bowser but he always gets the upper hand. 
Like a big magic dragon... That's cheating! 
But Mario makes it just in time to save the convenient.  
 This Bowser fight was actually one of the toughest I can remember by him. The fire rings and his tail attacks aren't so bad, but that long-range fire breath he used always got me.  
And after the battle is over and done with, it seems like Mario is going to marry her on the moon. And... she just takes off. Sounds to me like Mario should have just let Bowser keep her. Talk about ungrateful...

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