Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Things I Like: Ribbon Girl (Arms)

 Like Springman, Ribbon Girl is also on the boxart of the game Arms for Nintendo Switch. Like Springman, she's a decent fighter that is kind of a happy medium between skill factors.

My Brother's Dog Blue Has Passed Away

This picture was back years ago when she was still growing. Great Danes don't live long, so she was only about six when she died. I sort of saw it coming because I heard she was losing weight and not eating. I wanted time to tell her goodbye myself, but she was in such a sorry state at the vet, they put her down immediately. She was a very sweet dog, I never once saw her be aggressive. 

Fact of the Day: Southern Shameful

While supporters of the Confederate States of America argue that the Civil War was about "independence", the rebel army didn't stay just in the South on "defense". They made notable raids up north (mostly in Pennsylvania) causing destruction and even kidnapping of African-Americans (mostly free-men) and sending them south to be slaves. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Photo: Old NES Controller

Daisy has company coming over on Thursday so we were cleaning up our spare bedroom. In my cleanup I found an old NES controller back from my childhood. It's amazing how much video games have changed since then. 

Story: Delicia Annoyance

As I work in a paint department we have a girl who works like four/five hours a day from Monday to Friday though she might be off in between those days but she would often be in paint and not hardware, flooring, etc. Her name is Delicia but we often called her Dee for short. Well Dee never is afraid to criticize (and ironically is always asking for help) and she always complains about stuff other people did which was petty things like a slightly messy table. One day she was running her mouth and I asked her a question. I said "Dee, do you know how I prefer to watch movies?" and she stumbled and said "" Then I responded back with "Without commentary," 

Donald Trump Say's He'd Would Have Stopped Someone like Nikolas Cruz

Gun nuts are scared they might lose some of their "rights", so Donald Trump has to say some thing to make everyone forget the real issue. While the NRA says only a "good guy with a gun" can stop a villain, the lone police officer stationed at the school failed to do anything which proves that this theory doesn't meet reality. While I can't exactly blame him for being scared (horribly outmatched in firepower there), the officer did become a coward in that situation. However Donald Trump, as smug as he is, says he would have taken someone like Cruz down even if he was unarmed. Really Cadet Bone Spurs? I'd imagine you would have run chicken down to the nearest McDonald's.   

Fact of the Day: Richard Edwardes

Richard Edwardes was a poet, playwright, and composer in the 16th century. He was rumored to be a secret son of King Henry VIII. While there isn't much to support the theory, many found it odd that he was the only person from his poor family to go to a university like Oxford.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Photos: Big Air Spartanburg

 As I mentioned before, I volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters. My little brother Mr. B loves Big Air from what I heard. It's basically one of those trampoline parks. We went yesterday, which was my first time. It's pretty crazy how much they have going on there. There's a mechanical bull, laser maze, free-fall, obstacle course, dodge-ball and a lot of others. My favorite was the dodgeball, until some kid hit me in the family jewels. The place was pretty chaotic though, too many brats and not many rules. 

Things I Hate: God-Given Rights (Phrase)

In American politics, it's not uncommon to hear a Republican say something about our "God-given" rights and I cringe on the mere words. One might think this is just mere words like someone saying "I swear to God" but some people actually believe that their rights don't come from the government but they come from God.

Fact of the Day: Sejong Hangul

Until the reign of King Sejong the Great in the 15th century, Korea had no alphabet of their own. Before the creation of the Korean Hangul alphabet by their king, Koreans would read and write with Chinese characters. 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Things I Like: Springman (Arms)

While there is no main hero to Arms, Springman might as well be Arms counterpart to someone like Ryu in Street Fighter. He's on the boxart and is the first fighter in the order.

Photo: Saint Patrick's Day Window Clings

Up until recently I only did these for Christmas. Since I'm part Irish (though most of my heritage had been Americans since our country was founded), I thought it'd be neat to put up the ol' shamrocks. 

The Tudors (TV Series) Season 2 Review

 I do consider myself a history buff, with a strong preference on American and British history. While the King Henry VIII story is often played too often in TV and movies, I heard The Tudors was good. When it came time to watch the first season, I was pretty impressed. Not the greatest show but a good one in its own right. Now the time came to start another chapter in the wacky world (though the show is quite serious) of King Henry VIII.

Fact of the Day: Thomas Cranmer

Thomas Cranmer was the first Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury, serving under King Henry VIII. After his surprise appointment to the role of Archbishop, Cranmer helped the King in his matter of annulling his marriage to Queen Catherine. Unlike many others who served King Henry VIII, he never lost his head through his reign and helped his son Edward VI make major reforms in the Anglican church. However when the Catholic Mary I took the throne, he was convicted of heresy and treason. While he seemed to have recanted his views and made peace with the Catholic church in his final days (under pressure of the Catholics who hated him) on the day of his execution he reversed that stance and rejected the Pope before he was burnt to death. 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Things I Like: Smartfood Movie Theater Butter Flavored Popcorn

As I've mentioned before, I'm not a big fan of making popcorn, I like the ones already made in the bags. I always liked the white cheddar by Smartfood, but it wasn't long ago until I tried the movie theater butter version, it's unbelievably good. The only bad thing is it's quite difficult to find them on the shelf. 

Question: Have You Ever Went to Sleep With Contacts On?

Now granted this only applies to those with poor natural vision who wear contacts. I think we've all done it at one point. Luckily the modern ones are a soft gel, so it's a not a big deal if you do it once in a blue moon. I do remember one kid at a week-long summer camp who did it with the older kind. I still remember the screams. Then you have the morons who do it all the time... 

Have you ever done it? 

Fact of the Day: Turkish Potatoes

Sultan of the Ottoman Empire Abdulmejid I considered giving Irish people a notable amount of aid during the Irish Potato Famine which eventually claimed over a million lives and the emigration of another million Irish people. British officials convinced him to lower that number drastically as it would have overshadowed a more modest amount from Queen Victoria. 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Photos: Painting the Bathroom Vanities Gray Timber Wolf

 Since I got the bathroom itself painted, I knew the time would come to paint the vanities. They came probably factory made, so I can't really blame the previous home-owners on that one. The master bathroom's vanity cabinet wasn't too bad but there were some gunk stains that were impossible to clean off.  

Things I Hate: Anti-Northerner Slang

 I was born in South Carolina, raised in South Carolina, and live in South Carolina. I'm just as "southern" as any other native here, but I always cringe when I hear the rednecks here use the term "yankee" as an insult to Northerners either visiting or living in the South.

Fact of the Day: American Thai King

King Rama IX of Thailand (personal name Bhumibol Adulyadej) was actually born in Massachusetts as his father Prince Mahidol Adulyadej was studying at Harvard at the time. Thus he was the only monarch born in the United States of America. 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Photo: Donuts From Mother

Daisy got to hang out with my mother yesterday while I was working. Daisy told me my mom got us donuts. That was nice of her. 

Question: Did You Ever Have a Real Pool in Your Yard?

I really wished I had either a above-ground or below-ground pool as a kid. But now that I'm older, I certainly don't want to deal with all the responsibilities that a pool requires. But it still would be nice to swim anytime I want during spring and summer. 

Did you ever have a pool? 

Fact of the Day: King and Queen of Ireland

King Henry II of England was made Lord of Ireland instead of King as the Pope had granted him this "honor" officially despite an invasion through force made it so regardless. When King Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic Church he made himself officially king instead of lord when it came to Ireland. When his Catholic daughter Mary took the throne, the Pope had no issues recognizing her as Queen of Ireland and her husband Phillip as King of Ireland instead of Lady and Lord. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Photo: Big Peep

This was one of the rare occasions where I had more interest in a stuffed animal than Daisy did. We saw this in the Easter section, I thought it was neat that they made them based on the popular Peeps candy. A better questions is why isn't there a giant edible peep yet? 

Arms (Nintendo Switch) Review

When I first heard of Arms, I thought about the Wii era of gimmicky games like Wii Sports or Wii Play. My excitement for Arms was very... non-existent before it came out. Then I heard that it was actually quite a good game. Not quite as good as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey, but one of the Nintendo Switch's more notable games. It's also by Nintendo themselves, so it's not like some 3rd party developer got lucky with this one.

Fact of the Day: Australian Squirrels

While native to Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas, squirrels were never native to Australia but they were eventually introduced to the continent. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Things I Like: MegaDragonBowser (Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle)

 Bowser technically isn't' a bad guy in the game, but this faux dragon thing fuses with the great demon turtle king after he is defeated.

Photo: Daisy Duck

My wife saw this giant duck at one of our local supermarkets as its part of their Easter display. Daisy loves this half of the year for all the cute stuffed animals she sees. After Easter, she has very little luck until Christmas time rolls around. 

The Great Wall (2016 Film) Review

I do recall when The Great Wall came out in 2016. I was mildly interested in it, but certainly not enough to see it in theaters. It is quite a rare film, as it's not animated but yet is a collaboration between American and Chinese movie makers. I heard the movie had mixed reviews, so I put it on "wait" for quite some time. But I saw it on the shelf at my local library, so I decided it was about time I gave it a try. 

Fact of the Day: Banana Fiber

Bananas are mostly grown for consumption, but some bananas are used to make fiber instead.  

Monday, February 19, 2018

Photo: Fixing the Shower Knob

Our shower knob in the master bathroom was broken but it still workable, you just had to be careful or it would fall off and land in the tub. It was pretty darn annoying, but when I got around to it, when it came to looking on how to replace it, it seemed like I could fix it. All it seemed like you had to do was pop off the plastic cosmetic cap and make sure it had a proper screw. I found a broken and corroded one (thus why it wasn't working) so I got a new one and it worked. I like projects that can be done in five minutes and are extremely inexpensive. 

Story: Rudest Person I Ever Had To Serve

While working in paint, we had a concrete sealer to repel dirt and water on garage floors that was typically meant to be a top-coat to garage floor paint. So this guy comes in with his wife/partner and wants more of it and both them look like they live in a poverty-stricken trailer park. They had done a formula change on the clear sealer so the old one was gone and the company doesn't inform you if there was going to be a replacement or not. I told him I was out and I wasn't sure if I could get a replacement. He then asked if I could special order him some but the way that works is it can be done but it has to be a whole case which had four gallons. 

Well he only need one, and that was a big conflict. If I had been him, I would have gone somewhere else and gotten a similar thing especially with it being a clear sealer. It's like if one place stopped carrying a brand of polyurethane for wood, well you can get polyurethane anywhere else, two aren't that much different as long as you don't change from water-base to oil-based or vice versa. He threw a big fit about how my work wasn't going to give him something to help him finish his project and would not take "no" for an answer while becoming a big angry man-baby. He eventually left and my co-worker Pat says she knows who he is and he does that kind of crap all the time. I really hope karma bites him hard one day. 

Fact of the Day: Emilia Lanier

Emilia Lanier was the first woman to be a professional poet in England. In her personal life, she gave birth to the son of Henry Carey (they did not marry) who was the maternal cousin of Queen Elizabeth I. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Photos: Replacing the Bedroom Furniture Hardware

 This is just one piece to a whole room set. But we got these from the previous homeowners, and they certainly are old but still useful. The knobs and pullbars were certainly showing their age. Two knobs were bent as well which I hated looking at all the time.

The Brothers Grimm (2005 Film) Review

 The Brothers Grimm is a movie I remember coming out when I was still in high school. While Matt Damon was pretty famous by then, I wouldn't really notice Heath Ledger as a wonderful actor (at that time, I never saw A Knight's Tale or 10 Things I Hate About You) until The Dark Knight came out a few years later. While she had been in plenty of movies by this point, this was also a few years before Game of Thrones made Lena Headey very recognizable as Cersei Lannister. For the uncultured swine though, the Brothers Grimm were two real brothers in Germany who modernized many of the fairy tales that we grew up on as children. I knew this was not going to be a "historical" piece. 

SC Lawmakers Want to Make Non-Straight Marriages Into Parody Marriages

Throughout the course of human history, liberal ideas eventually become the status quo, but the conservatives of each time period don't embrace change but just kick and scream until progress is done. And nobody quite kicks and screams like the right-wingers of South Carolina. A handful of far-right lunatics want to dub any LGBT marriage as a parody and the bill's language suggests that the state of South Carolina will not recognize the marriage equally either. Now the smarter "lets get elected" Republicans are going to probably kill this bill in committee, but it does anger me that these morons are even trying, and to make matters worse they think they are in favor of "small government" with their Christian-Sharia laws.      

Fact of the Day: Donald Ivana Marla and Tiffany

When Donald Trump was married to his first wife Ivana, he had an affair with a woman named Marla Maples. Not long after, Trump got divorced and Trump's daughter Tiffany by Marla was born out of wedlock. Donald Trump married Marla about two months after the birth of their daughter but eventually divorced in 1999. 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Things I Like: Bwario and Bwaluigi (Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle)

 Near the end of the game you get to see these cosplaying mid-bosses as a surprise. Obviously based on Wario and Waluigi. I did smirk at the parody.

Photos: Staining Plastic Wood on My Furniture

 I recently changed all the hardware on the bedroom dresser, armoire, and nightstand. With the pulll bar handles I had to drill new holes and fill the old ones.

My Top Five Michael Keaton Roles

 While I haven't seen every movie with him in it, it's hard to deny that Michael Keaton is a good actor and that he's been in quite a number of good movies. Here's my top five.

Fact of the Day: Aliens From Out There

The English word alien came from the Old French word which itself was derived from the Latin word "alienus" which means "belonging to another". 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Photos: Lidl Bears

When Daisy saw these bears at Lidl, she couldn't resist walking past them without giving them a hug. 

Story: Atlanta Taxi

As I mentioned before, during our vacation to Atlanta in 2017 we took the Amtrak train. As soon as we arrived at the Atlanta station, it is a bit chaotic with all the people going to their destinations. But I do remember seeing lots of taxi drivers. They were waiting like parasites, coming up to everyone and asking if they wanted a ride or not.  

Fact of the Day: Sugar Candy

The English word candy came through a French word but the French word itself was derived from the Arabic words sukkar quandi which roughly translates as "sugar piece".   

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Photo: Pre-Valentine's Day Lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse

My wife and I never go out to eat during Valentines' Day as the crowds are crazy, as many folks have the same idea especially with restaurants like these. So we usually go the day before or the day after. We actually showed up right at 11am and it wasn't very crowded. There was two large groups of elderly women, but other than that, it was pretty slow in the restaurant. Daisy got her favorite steak and shrimp as well. 

Blade Runner 2049 (2017 Film) Review

 Blade Runner was a film I only watched a few years ago. It came quite a few years before I was even born, and didn't do nearly as well as something like Star Wars did, despite Harrison Ford in the starring role. It became a bit of a cult sci-fi film and gained a better reputation and fanbase in the years to follow. I thought it was pretty neat they were making a sequel to the film as it had been such a long time since the original. I also thought it was funny that the original film was set in 2019, which now is only a year way from the present day.   

Fact of the Day: King Kaiser

While English/British law always favored male heirs to princesses, there have been reigning Queens when all direct male heirs were either dead or non-existent. If the right to the throne passed through the eldest child regardless of gender when Queen Victoria reigned, her daughter Princess Victoria would have been Queen briefly before her own death. However, her son Wilhelm II (better known as the Kaiser of World War I) would have taken the throne after her. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Photo: Valentines Pizza

I saw this pizza in our local Hallmark recently with their Valentines Day stuff. When I think of good stuffed animal ideas for Valentines, I think teddy bears, husky dogs, but not really pizza. Kind of a cheesy idea.  

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017 Film) Review

 I remember the original Jumanji film back in the 1990's with Robin Williams, and it was one my favorite films of my childhood. When I first heard of this sequel (originally thought it was going to be a "remake") I thought it'd be a huge train-wreck. But when it came out in late December of last year, word was actually surprisingly good. It did really well at the box office, it even dethroned Star Wars: The Last Jedi from the top spot for one week. Daisy wanted to hang out with her friend this previous Monday night but we were both off. I suggested we all go see a movie, and Jumanji 2 was really the only thing I had much interest in seeing at the moment.

Fact of the Day: Australia Diversity

While not the highest in the world, Australia has one of the highest immigrant populations in the world at an estimated 26% of the population.