Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Fact of the Day: Australian Squirrels

While native to Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas, squirrels were never native to Australia but they were eventually introduced to the continent. 


  1. Guess they want to conquer the world

  2. Those damn squirrels will rule over everything one day....

  3. Squirrels are all right. They don't bother anyone.

  4. I think a squirrel can live most anywhere.

  5. My grandpa was forever trying to outsmart squirrels to keep them out of his bird feeders....

  6. They look a little different from our Illinois squirrels.

  7. I wonder how they took to the Australian climate.

  8. I suppose the bloody Poms brought them out with the damn foxes ( for hunting - Tally Ho-ing and all that crap), rabbits, rats off the ships and in 1912 the Indian Mynah murderous birds to eat bugs off the wheat crops - the damn birds didn't eat/like those bugs and now Australia has these Mynah birds in the millions and they have killed all the small native birds!
    Mynah birds breed faster than rabbits!

    Just wait until some idiot takes mynah birds to the USA, you can all forget about your bloody bird feeders and native birds!

    As for these squirrels - I've never seen one in the bush!
    So to set the minds (???) of your readers straight, they have NOT TAKEN OVER my country.

    And by the way, good on those students at that Florida High School where an idiot with a semi-automatic killed so many students and ruined the lives of so many. Forget your bloody PRAYERS and THOUGHTS - listen to the survivors and remove that stupid constitutional amendment -the right to bear arms - BALONEY.
    Turnip Top and Senseless Pense with heads bowed in prayer damn near created a disaster over my TV - I thought I would THROW Up - hypocrisy of the highest degree.
    PS: C'mon Yank follows - lets know what's in your home arsenal ???
    You too Adam.

  9. They like to sit in the trees just out of reach of my dogs and tease them. It's quite funny to watch!