Saturday, February 17, 2018

Photos: Staining Plastic Wood on My Furniture

 I recently changed all the hardware on the bedroom dresser, armoire, and nightstand. With the pulll bar handles I had to drill new holes and fill the old ones.
 I didn't need much, so I just got a small tube of plastic wood in a natural finish. Natural was the only color available in the tube. 
It was my first time using it, but I wasn't much of a fan. It's solvent-based, and while it's easier to work with than say oil-based paint, it's not easy to make it perfect. This spot here was my worst of them all. Once it's dried, its super strong, so that's a plus.  
I only needed a little stain, but I wanted something water based because I hate messing with oil-based anything. They had some water-based wipes, but the quart was almost the same in value.  
 I had it tinted to sugar maple but when you open the can it's awfully chocolate. It's a bit scary to see at first, but I put it on some scratches on the furniture and it blended in perfectly. 
The plastic wood didn't stain perfectly though, I should have went for the little tube of Minwax wood filler. 


  1. you learn whilst doing that's the thing, good job.

  2. You did a lot more than I would have. I totally suck at that kind of stuff. Kudos to you for trying, and getting it close. Hugs...RO

  3. "Live and learn" my grandmother always said. You're way ahead of me, Adam! I hope that you and Daisy are enjoying a nice weekend!

  4. I did the same thing a few years back and it didn’t look that great

  5. You could always just paint the entire thing if it bothers you to see the scratches. A bright white would be lovely.