Friday, February 23, 2018

Things I Hate: Anti-Northerner Slang

 I was born in South Carolina, raised in South Carolina, and live in South Carolina. I'm just as "southern" as any other native here, but I always cringe when I hear the rednecks here use the term "yankee" as an insult to Northerners either visiting or living in the South.
This basically is inherited from the Civil War days where Southerners were taught by the political bigwigs at the time to demonize their brothers and sisters up north. We are all Americans, plain and simple. And to make another point, internationally we are all "yankees" or "yanks" to non-Americans.  


Emmylou said...

Americans should all think like these! I bet these people that still use "yankees" as a slur word are the same peeps who voted for your current president now:(

Martha said...

Yes, you really are all Americans. I actually don't know anyone who uses the terms "yankees" or "yanks". I only see that in movies.

Marg said...

I sure haven't heard anyone use that word Yankees in a long time.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Grudgers only hurt themselves.

Jimmy said...

Like you I was born and raised in South Carolina, I have many documented ancestors who were Confederate Soldiers and Officers during the WBTS, and I also have had ancestors who fought for the US in every war since. With that said all of this is part of my family history, and I am an American by birth as are all of us who were born here, no matter where we were born, no matter what color or race we are all American.

Yankee I haven't heard in some time, but we are always going to have those who use terms like this in a derogatory manner no matter what we do...doesn't make it right either.

Huggybear said...

All US visitors to Australia and from my overseas travels to other
countries - US travellers are called YANKS!
Strange here in Australia now, no one from the USA claims to be a YANK - all are Canadians! I wonder why??????????
I guess the shame of having a looney -TURNIP TOP and Co - running what was once a respected country in the World community.

Hope you Yanks all enjoy the gun totting teachers. So "funny" it could be called "hilariously idiotic".
Kid upsets a teacher, teacher goes to cupboard, takes out gun and bang - one less "naughty Student". One extra way to keep the population down.
Just remove the NRA "loonies" and the second stupid amendment.
Bang, bang!!!

NanaDiana said...

I was born and raised in PA but moved to the South when I was 20. My next door neighbor affectionately referred to me as that Damn Yankee and she loved me to pieces. I knew SHE used it as a tern of endearment. lol

Birgit said...

It’s sad that this thinking is so rampant in the South. I have good fr8ends who lived in Shreveport, Louisiana and they mentioned how tough it was

Moving with Mitchell said...

I wonder what it's like for an "anti-Yank" Southerner to travel to other parts of the world and hear themselves called "Yanks."

Kirk said...

I once drove through the South a with the radio on, and noticed all local radio personalities had Northern accents. I also stayed in Southern motel rooms, and noticed local TV personalities, again, have Northern accents. So they must learned to tolerate Yankees at least a little bit since Civil War Days.