Thursday, February 1, 2018

Things I Like: Super Mario 64 Peach's Castle (Super Mario Odyssey)

Since almost all of Super Mario Odyssey takes place in different kingdoms, when you get back to Mario's homeland (or was that Italy or New York City?) the world is very much like how it was in Super Mario 64. I love nostalgia and it's very nice to see our favorite 64-bit memories in remade HD graphics. Though the castle is rather bare compared to Super Mario 64, all the mazes must of been closed after Bowser's reign there, such a pity.

Would have been cool to see a full remake of Super Mario 64 in the game, but that is rather unrealistic, but I can dream. 

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Fundy Blue said...

Solving mazes is fun! I'm glad that you got to see some of your 64-bit memories remade in HD.