Saturday, March 31, 2018

Photo: Little Baseball Girl

I saw this picture after I posted another one of them farther up in the stadium for the Atlanta Brave's spring training in Disney World. My niece seems to be interested in the baseball stuff. 

Coco (2017 Film) Review

 Until dethroned, Pixar is still king among animated movies. While they have had a few misdirections such a Cars, most Pixar movies are from pretty good to amazing. I've actually seen all of them, except for Coco which isn't odd since it just came out last year. I was close to seeing in theaters around Christmas time, but I just didn't get around to it. This one was a interesting choice for Pixar to go as unless you're Mexican-American, you're probably more than unfamiliar with the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead and other beliefs about the after-life and whatnot.

Fact of the Day: Crown Matrimonial

While some consorts to thrones such as King Phillip (to Mary I of England) or King William III (to Mary II of England, though he had birthright as well as her cousin) ruled a country by rights of marriage (jure uxoris), a crown matrimonial was taken to a more drastic step. It (theoretically) ensured that a Queen's husband would remain King after her own death even if no heirs are produced, and that future heirs by a different wife would become the new monarch eventually. Mary, Queen of Scots faced this hypothetical question twice with her first husband King Francis II of France and her second husband Lord Darnley, though she outlived them both  

Friday, March 30, 2018

Photo: Little K Meets Alice in Wonderland

I can't really tell if my niece here didn't like Alice or the sun was getting to her eyes. I hope it was the bright light. 

The Tudors (TV Series) Season 3 Review

 I've been enjoying The Tudors enough to finish the series without taking a considerable break from it besides maybe a two-week breather. One of things I enjoyed about the show is noticing actors in the series that I knew elsewhere. This season I saw future Game of Thrones alumni Ian Beattie (Ser Meryn Trant) and David Bradley (Walder Frey) in minor roles. I also didn't notice that Princess Mary Tudor's actress Sarah Bolger was the beautiful Princess Aurora in Once Upon a Time. I sure did recognize another Once Upon a Time actor Colin O'Donoghue (Killian Jones) as the Duke of Bavaria.

Fact of the Day: Unfaithful

While many couples promise to stay faithful to one another, its estimated that at least 1/3 of American marriages will see at least one partner cheat on the other. The chance the husband will cheat is twice as likely as the wife. 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Things I Like: Lola Pop (Arms)

 Lola Pop is a decent character in Arms, though I do think the fact that she's a clown is rather dumb. I don't really like clowns in general.

Photo: Little K Meets Rapunzel

 My niece Little K got to meet Rapunzel at Disney World. I'm not too sure if she's really watched Tangled or not. 

Fact of the Day: NASA'S Father

Before NASA was founded in 1958, its predecessor agency was National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics or NACA for short. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Photo: Hugs From Olaf the Snowman

During my brother's family's trip to Disney World, they got to meet Olaf from Frozen. 

Things I Like: Wet & Forget Cleaner

 There are many house cleaners out there, and most things that remove moss/mildew/mold/algae have bleach/Clorox as the key ingredient. Wet and Forget is pretty special as it doesn't have any bleach and you don't have to rinse anything at all about 10-30 minutes later. One step really does appeal to me.

Fact of the Day: Far Away Thunder

Since thunder moves at the speed of sound, you always see lightning before you hear thunder. To determine the distance of where it landed, you count the seconds until you hear the thunder. You divide the seconds by five and that's how many miles away it was. For example, if you counted 10 seconds, then the lightning was two miles away. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Things I Hate: Misango (Arms)

 Misango actually kinda reminds me of if Crash Bandicoot was somehow human. I guess it's because both characters kind of parody off of old Aztec/Mayan culture.

Photo: Little K Meeting Princess Anna

 My niece Little K really likes Frozen. She didn't seem to happy with Queen Elsa in the pictures, but she seemed to like Anna better.

Fact of the Day: Hattie McDaniel

Hattie McDaniel was the first African-American to win an Oscar, but she almost wasn't able to pick up her Academy Award in person. The awards were held at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles which at the time had a racist policy towards people of color. Hollywood producer David O. Selznick called in a favor just to have her be able to attend.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Photos: March Bowling 2018

 Daisy wanted to go bowling again so we went down to our local Paradise Lanes in Spartanburg. She beat me both days, I certainly was not on the top of my game here. I lost 71 to Daisy's 78 on Game 1 and I had 68 to Daisy's 84 in Game 2.

The Shape of Water (2017 Film) Review

The Shape of Water is something I heard about last year. I'm not exactly a stranger to the works of Guillermo del Toro as I enjoyed both Pacific Rim and Pan's Labyrinth. The Shape of Water was nominated at the Oscars, and managed to luck out and win the nomination for Best Picture, Best Director, and two minor Oscars as well. Though the reaction among regular folks was far more mixed than critics, but what did I think of it?

Fact of the Day: Sibylle of Cleves

While not as famous as her sister Anne of Cleves (fourth wife of King Henry VIII of England), Sibylle married the Elector of Saxony (Holy Roman Empire/Modern day Germany) which was definitely a lower rank that what her sister had gotten. However through many generations, her lineage ended up in the royal houses of Great Britain such as through Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert who was a direct male-line descendant of her son Johann Wilhelm, Duke of Saxe-Weimar.  

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Things I Hate: Max Brass (Arms)

 Max Brass is the final boss in the Arms story mode, and you can play as him as well. Despite the status as the villain to beat, he's not very good to play as.

Photos: Making a Gold Metallic Waste Basket

 I got this popcorn bucket before the holidays and I was going to throw it away, but it does seem like a terrible waste of metal. So I had the idea of making it a trash can as Daisy wanted one for the office room. Granted having Santa Claus here year round seems rather dumb, however...

Fact of the Day: Saudi Citizens

While the vast majority of citizens in Islamic countries are Muslim, Saudi Arabia goes one step further and claims that all citizens (no exceptions) are Muslims. 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Photo: Star Lord?

When I first saw this photo, I thought this guy was suppose to be a young Han Solo until someone pointed out Baby Groot. He's suppose to be Peter Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy.  My niece doesn't look very impressed. 

Question: What Super-Power Would You Pick?

Picking just one super-power is difficult for many, but I'd probably like to able to produce "energy burst/waves" from my hands that is commonly seen in Japanese anime like Dragon Ball Z or a video game like Street Fighter II. While I doubt I would ever have the practical chance to use it, I remember trying so hard to do the move when I was little. I thought it was funny when I learned that most kids my age did the same thing when the show was on its original (American release anyway) run. 

Which superpower would you choose?  

Fact of the Day: English Elizabeth and Scottish Mary

Mary, Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I of England had one of the most bitter rivalries in the history of the English/British monarchy. They were also first cousins-once removed (both descended from King Henry VII) but despite the political hatred and drama of the two (which ended up having Mary executed) the two apparently never met in person. 

Friday, March 23, 2018

Things I Hate: Helix (Arms)

 Since day one with the game Arms, I was never much of a fan of Helix. First, he's one of the dumbest looking fighters I've seen in any game, and his voice makes it seem like he's only got about an IQ of 30.

Photo: Little K and Disney World Castle

I've never been, but it seems EVERYONE gets their photo taken here at this spot, including my brother, his wife Tiffany, and my niece Little K. 

Fact of the Day: TV King

While the first TVs in the early 20th century were crude and not available to the average joe, their popularity increased greatly after World War II. By the 1950's, Television was the most popular medium for influencing popular opinion.  

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Photo: Queen Elsa and Belle Disney World

 My niece loves Frozen but it seems she didn't like Queen Elsa here too much. She's very anti-social, and I assume it's probably because the Elsa here doesn't look too much like her animated self. The silver-blonde wigs often look more fake than real on most women I've noticed.

Question: When Did Your Sweet Tooth Dull?

I remember when I was a kid, I liked candy about as much as a dog likes people-food...or candy. But when I hit my mid-20's, I rarely ever had much candy. I do like some here and there, but I could never finish a large quantity of it anymore. 

When did your taste-buds dull for sweets? 

Fact of the Day: Maternal Milk

While virtually all mammals provide milk to their young before they are ready for more solid foods, it also has more benefits than that. Besides the nutrients, often a mother's antibodies are in the milk which helps her baby's immune system. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Photo: Daisy and Donald Duck

 These were taken during my brother's family vacation to Disney World. My niece seems to like Donald Duck.

Story: Daisy's Wine

I don't drink, but after a family event, Daisy wanted to drink wine after tasting some from what her cousins had gotten. I was rather curious to see what Daisy was like with wine in her system, so I agreed. I poured about two glasses, waited awhile, but Daisy seemed about the same. I kept asking her if she wanted more and she told me that she did. Once she was "drunk", things didn't seem too different, she was just far more calm than usual. I was starting to think she had a pretty good tolerance until about an hour later when she vomited in the toilet. Now if she wants wine, she can only have two glasses at best.   

Fact of the Day: Lambert Simnel

Lambert Simnel was a boy who was picked by a priest named Richard Simon to pretend to be King Edward IV's nephew Edward Plantagenet, 17th Earl of Warwick. If this had been true, he would have been a serious rival to the throne on the Yorkist side of the War of the Roses and serious threat to the Tudor king Henry VII. This charade was eventually suppressed, since Simon was a priest he was not killed but rather imprisoned. King Henry VII most likely saw Simnel as a pawn too young to realize what he was doing, and had him pardoned then he was given a job by the royal household.    

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Things I Hate: Kid Cobra (Arms)

 Despite looking like one of the coolest characters in Arms, he's not that great.

Photo: Hug From Mickey Mouse at Disney World

I was really shocked to see this photo, my niece Little K HATES "big people" along with mascots and I've seen her scream bloody murder at the big giant rat at Chuck E. Cheese birthday party. She must really like Mickey Mouse.  

Fact of the Day: Many Doctors

There are three main types of doctorates, you have medical doctors (MDs), doctors of philosphy (Ph.D.) and doctors of science (Sc.D.).  

Monday, March 19, 2018

Photo: Little K and the Star Wars at Disney World

 Since Star Wars is now part of Disney, they've had a few years to introduce The Force to the Disney parks. Here are my brother and his family with BB-8.

Born in China (2016 Film) Review

 Disneynature isn't quite as old as you'd think it'd be but they've come out with some pretty good natural documentaries over the years. Born in China was a co-op production with a Chinese media group, but for the Western release, it apparently was all Disney to most people. Either way I was intrigued so I decided to watch it.

Fact of the Day: Burajiru

In the early 20th century, Brazil's coffee industry was expanding but they couldn't keep up the demand for labor especially with a decreasing amount of European immigrants. So in time many Japanese immigrants came to work the farms. This is the major reason why Brazil has the highest amount of Japanese-immigrants in the world with 1.6 million residents/citizens.  

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Photo: ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

I knew my brother and his family were down in Florida at Disney World, so it was strange seeing them in Atlanta Braves gear. That's our MLB team (not many teams nearby except the Atlanta Braves) but I didn't know why they seemed to be wearing the caps and shirts. Turns out, the team has spring training down there in Orlando, so they got to experience that. 

Beautiful Creatures (2013 film) Review

 Beautiful Creatures is a movie I had mild interest in when I saw it. I didn't know much about besides Emmy Rossum being in it and the fact that it had something to do with dark magic or something like that. It's actually based on the 2009 book of the same name by authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. I also didn't notice but the male-lead star of this movie, Alden Ehrenreich is going to be a younger version of Han Solo in the new Star Wars spinoff movie later this year.

Fact of the Day: Time Travel Party

In an effort to "disprove" time travel, Stephen Hawking invited all time travelers to a party with the exact time, date, and location. He sent the invitations after the party was over, and nobody showed up to the party. 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Things I Like: Byte and Barq (Arms)

 Byte and Barq are an interesting duo in Arms. Basically a robot cop and his robotic dog.

Photo: Cinnamon Bread Twists From Domino's Pizza

The other day I got a pizza from Domino's, and on the app it asked if wanted to add the cinnamon bread twists for almost nothing, so that sounded good to me as Daisy wanted to try them too. Since I had the whole pizza to myself, I only got to try a little so Daisy could have most of it, but it was pretty good. Though I rarely ever get side items, mainly because I get too stuffed on pizza. 

Fact of the Day: Charles the Political

While the English/British monarchy would not be "constitutional" for many more years, the idea of a constitutional monarchy was offered to King Charles I of England by Parliament during the English Civil War. Charles I refused and he was eventually executed.   

Friday, March 16, 2018

Photo: Little FDR

This is my nephew Mr. C in costume as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt for some kind of school project. I'll admit, I didn't recognize him as FDR at first. My nephew certainly doesn't have the gray hair, wrinkles, or the polio to complete the costume, but that's a good thing.  

Things I Hate: Generation Z and Millennial Confusion

One thing members of the Baby Boomers generation and Generation X love to do more than complain about the young people is to get our generations confused. While every generation has no clear start and end dates, Millennial grew up in the new millennium, all of us were born in the 20th century. We are Generation Y because we came after X. Every kid in high school today, is a member of Generation Z, many of them are getting to vote for the first time soon. It's also hard to say if the Generation Z name will actually stick but some alternatives have been the iGeneration or the Homeland Generation. 

Fact of the Day: The Simpsons Oregon

In the TV series, The Simpsons, their hometown of Springfield is located in an unknown state and the show's writers have given contradictory "clues" of where its located in America. While the fictional is based on many things, Matt Groening says it's officially named after the Springfield in his home-state of Oregon. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Things I Like: Mechanica (Arms)

 Mechanica is one of the most notable characters in Arms as she clearly is some normal girl in a big suit of armor instead of relying on her natural form to fight.

Photo: Mr. K Basketball Player

This is my oldest nephew Mr. K in his basketball gear. I've never played basketball on a team in my youth, but I can imagine it's tough labor playing those games.