Sunday, March 11, 2018

Photos: Baby Birds at Tractor Supply Spartanburg

 I'm not "rural" in culture enough to need much from Tractor Supply, but every spring I at least like to look at the baby ducks and baby chickens there. They had way more than I remembered last year.
I don't think they had ducks out last year, but they were here this year. Daisy wanted one, but she doesn't think of all the care and need one needs once they start to grow and get big. 
A very redneck family was there and got seven of them, all of them intended to be pets, not meat which was good news to my ears. This includes this lucky duck here that the worker here is holding in the photo. 


  1. Those things are fucking adorable. I want!!

  2. Someone gave me the cutest little white baby bunny (when I was in college) one Easter and I took care of it for a couple of years before having to leave it with my parents when we left Hawaii. It did require quite a bit of care. People forget when they give gifts, to understand what it all means to the receiver. Still, I did love that bunny while I had him.

    1. And it didn't stay small. It grew really, really BIG! I must have been feeding him well. Someone stopped me once when I was walking him and asked if I'd sell him. I realized they didn't want a pet...

  3. They are cute when they are little, but the family who bought 7 for pets are going to be in for a surprise once they grow up...

    I do like going to Tractor Supply myself.

  4. Cute! My aunt has a few ducks and chickens on her farm. She doesn't eat them, only uses them for eggs. She cries when one dies because she does see them as pets and gets really attached to them.

  5. For years I thought Tractor Supply was just for people to buy tractors(lol), but for the first time I went in there and was shocked at all the things they have in there, including candy! The chicks are cute, but definitely too much work. Hugs...RO

  6. It's been many years since I saw such tiny ducks and chicks.

  7. The Cal Ranch store that I live next door to had them too. They are quite cute.