Friday, March 2, 2018

Right Wing Georgia Punishes Delta Airlines For Going Against NRA Extremism

Delta Airlines recently cut ties with the NRA after the tragic events in Florida. So Georgia recently passed a bill to end a tax break for the company. This just proves that it doesn't quite matter who you are to the crazy loons in power in the Republican Party. Doesn't matter if its a big company, if you're a Christian, or a veteran, or a helpless student, or a "proud American"; once you go against the extremists of the GOP, your opinion doesn't really matter. Humanity has usually expected our governments to be civil and respectful, but recent American politics has shown us that they can be nothing but petty morons.   


Huggybear said...

Too idiotic!
The fruit loops in the USA are the laughing stock of the
rest of the World.
By all means build those walls - I am sure the Canadians and the Mexicans will be only too pleased to have you all LOCKED in.
Seems with new import/export restrictions of Turnip Top, your sensible neighbours are NOT AMUSED,

Having flown with Delta - internally and internationally, they are a pretty good service provider. Far superior to United, I can assure you.
Delta has daily services originating from Atlanta to Sydney and Melbourne.

Moving with Mitchell said...

The GOP has no shame.

Martha said...

So ridiculous and childish. This 'political revenge' may seem like it pays off for the GOP in the short term but the business community has a very long memory.

Fundy Blue said...

Perhaps Delta should move its headquarters to another state!