Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Photo: Baby Birds at My Brother's New House

 My brother is having a brand new house built for him in the country across from his in-laws. I heard they were getting "farm animals" as pets. My nephew Mr. C seems to really like this baby chicken (I think) here.
And also this baby duck. 


  1. Baby chicks and ducklings of the size shown MUST - if you MUST - be handled with extreme care.
    I just hope your nephew has been shown how to GENTLY handle these babies. A "friendly" squeeze in the wrong place and you have a dead chick or duckling.

  2. That's lovely! I often fancy living on a farm like my aunt's, but then I remember I don't like to clean up dog poop, let alone deal with farm animal poop, so I'll just stick with visiting my aunt's farm animals.

  3. I always wanted chicks and ducklings. Not common city pets. Mr. C sure looks happy.

  4. That sounds great. I am content to have the farmers as my neighbors. : )

  5. A farmer friend offered to give us 2 of their chicks for our backyard. The Husband and I faced the truth and decided it was too much responsibility. Cheers to your brother and family!

  6. Fabulous photographs you've shared ...
    Mr. C looks so happy.

    All the best Jan