Friday, May 4, 2018

Fact of the Day: Lao-Thai Border War

The last conflict Vietnam was apart of was the Thai–Laotian Border War in the winter between 1987-1988. It was a small conflict involving their communist ally Laos and its neighbor Thailand. Both sides lost about a thousand men together, and the border dispute ended with Thailand withdrawing.  


Kay said...

I have Vietnamese friends and really feeling for them and their families. It was so difficult.

Pat Hatt said...

Never good no matter the conflict

Anna-Alina said...

It's awful that we still have wars.

RO said...

So sad. Hugs...RO

Christine said...

War is so senseless.

Huggybear said...

It wasn't BLOODY SMALL Adam. It was part of the Ho-Chi Minh trail
Do some more checking and see how much AGENT ORANGE was dropped by
US planes on this area. I am sure Daisy's family who may have fled the conflict would be able to fill you in.

Why are you readers so ignorant of all this recent history?????????
Seems Kay from Hawaii and I are the only ones who have any knowledge of recent conflicts, but then again "dearest" Sarah Palin
who was a potential VP at one stage was even ignorant of the fact that Hawaii was part of the USA!!!!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaah - the intelligence of the TEA PARTY devotees!!!!

Fundy Blue said...

The Vietnam War will always be the most personal war to me. My first husband was paralyzed in transit to the war. His entire unit was killed, trapped in a valley by the Viet Cong, foggy, helicopters could not get in to rescue. My husband (101 st Airborne/Screaming Eagle) always thought that if he had been there he could have made the difference. He suffered great guilt because he wasn't with them. I knew too many spinal cord injured guys from the Vietnam War. Horrible. I will never forget.

Martha said... awful.