Thursday, May 31, 2018

My May 2018 Favorites

 I will say, it did seem like May lasted a long time for me. Either way, here are my favorites for the month.
Favorite TV Show: Shameless
While I didn't like the second season of Shameless as much as the first, I still found it to be my favorite show of the month. The dark comedy about a very "interesting" family of various ages in Chicago is pretty darn good. 

Favorite Video Game: Sonic Mania
Sonic Mania is a retro-inspired new Sonic game that might of been the "real" Sonic the Hedgehog 4 despite a Sonic the Hedgehog 4 actually had already been made. Sega took a lot of fan advice and collaboration, so this was made as an act of love (rather than labor), and it shows.   

Favorite Film: Avengers: Infinity War
Smartly dropping the "Part 1" of its original title, Infinity War itself felt like a real standalone movie versus the last Harry Potter and Hunger Games films. The longest (so far) in the MCU, it's also one of its best. I remember fans once saying that Spiderman 3 was not so good because of the character count, but they made it work with far more characters in Infinity War.  


  1. Haven't seen Avengers yet. Glad you enjoyed.

  2. I agree -- Infinity War handled the multiple characters and multiple subplots extremely well. That's how it's done, folks!

  3. I haven't seen Infinity War yet but I plan to.

  4. Great choices for sure, the Sonic game reminds me of my old Sega game system.

  5. How have we missed Shameless? It's the kind of show we like to watch.

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