Friday, May 18, 2018

Photo: Sting Ray Pool at the Smithsonian National Zoo

 In one of the indoor sections, there's this pretty (and super clear) tank that mainly houses the freshwater sting-rays.
 Every time I see one, I remember that my co-worker Pat got stung by one, but an ocean version. These guys apparently live in the Amazon. 
 The other resident I noticed was this roseate spoonbill. Pretty hard to miss with its pink color and unique beak. Also that it doesn't seem to be people-phobic at all. 
You could literally stick your hand out and touch it. We were wise enough to not to try, but I have to imagine, somebody there has done it. 


Christine said...

I wouldn't either

Huggybear said...

Only a moron would try touching a sting-ray.
The ones here off the coastline in Australia and in
waterways are KILLERS.
Signs are prominently displayed in sting-ray areas.

Margaret D said...

One of our beloved man got stung by a stingray, he died.
Do like flamingos but have never seen one in reality.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Cool to look at, but never to touch!

Martha said...

Look but don't touch. Always the smarter choice.

Huggybear said...

His name was Steve Irwin and he was married to an American.
His Qld Zoo still exists. His widow and two kids run the show these days.