Sunday, May 13, 2018

Photos: Red Pandas at Smithsonian's National Zoo

 When we went to Zoo Atlanta last year, Daisy fell in love with red pandas. She was excited to learn that they were at the DC Zoo as well.
They were pretty far away and hard to see. But one of them was awake and the other was taking a nap. They are ridiculously cute. 


  1. Happy Sunday to you and Daisy, Adam. Nice story and the photos are too. Just stopping by to say Hi.

  2. Pandas of both shades MUST be protected.
    They are just magnificent creatures.

  3. Aren't they cute?! And, of course, so is dear Daisy!!!!

  4. You are right! They are ridiculously cute.

  5. They are such beautiful animals. I enjoyed seeing them at the Toronto Zoo a few years back. The enclosure was really close and we got to see them from just a few feet away. It was an incredible experience. I am glad you got to see than on your visit.