Sunday, May 20, 2018

Photos: The Smithsonian National Zoo Office Room

 We stumbled upon this room near some of the tank animals. It was open and easy to walk into. There was nobody there, but as soon I saw it, I had an idea.
With the giant map in the background, it looked a little like it could be used by super-villains to "take over the world".  
It was difficult not to laugh or smile while posing. 


  1. You even look Turnip Top like - sitting there conducting a "so-called" cabinet meeting of the "nong-nongs".
    You may have got more sense out of the table covering than "loney loops, Turnip Top" gets from his "YES MEN AND WOMEN". ha ha.

  2. You could be 'anybody' doing an important job - looks impressive.

  3. Evil genius or news reporter? Could go either way I think..

  4. You look like one of the weekend update reporters from SNL.