Saturday, May 26, 2018

Photos: Smithsonian National Zoo Orangutans

 One of the most interesting sights we saw that day at the National Zoo were the orangutans. We saw this mama with her baby. And the baby sure wanted to climb.
 But mama had the baby hold on about halfway up the tower. 
 But there was a tower and rope system that had two separate centers, they were designed to be able for them to transport on their own free will. Which was kind of scary considering that it'd be bad news if either the baby or the mama had slipped in their grip. What's below them is the pavement where visitors are standing. 
The other orangutans were all sleeping though. 


  1. You captured this really well Adam, great pictures.
    Not sure I could have watched!

    All the best Jan

  2. They are so more like humans than some humans I have known

  3. I'd be like the other ones...sleeping...

  4. This is a species which are in danger from wretched hunters.
    Preservation in the wild is imperative.

    I am bloody sure that the mother and cub are not likely to fall.
    They may resemble your President in looks but they have far more brains.

  5. How lovely are the photos, always good to see orangutans

  6. Amazing photos. What a cool thing to watch.

  7. That is a pretty cool sighting. I'd be among the sleeping bunch :)

  8. I love them so much. I could watch them all day long.