Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Question: Did You Watch The Prince Harry-Meghan Markle Royal Wedding?

I only saw a little bit as I had to work Saturday and those royal weddings take forever apparently. The London time also threw me off, but I managed to stumble upon this part. See those eyes? That's the look of love right there, no doubt about it. While she's technically a duchess (only the wife of the Prince of Wales gets the honor of princess, unless you're Camilla), not many American girls really get to be the wife of a prince. I'm really happy for them both. But I was ashamed to see fellow Americans on social media badmouthing her, 99% of those losers only hate her because she's half-black. 

Did you watch it?  


  1. I watched every bit of it, love the fairy tale.

  2. I admire them both and the way they live their lives. Especially her. I've seen bits of the events on the news. That's about as much interest as I can muster.

  3. I watched it from start to finish and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I wish them both every happiness.

    All the best Jan

  4. No, I didn't but I saw all the main highlights on the news coverage.

  5. I stumbled upon the live coverage and decided to click and see what was happening. And I was lucky enough to catch the wedding ceremony, so I saw that look. I wish them both happiness. They seem like a lovely couple and she is pretty amazing.

  6. I watched it when i got up so I missed her walking down the aisle but she looked in control, regal and very much in love and so did Harry. I had to laugh when the preacher was talking about love. The English were taken aback because the Queen did not look amused, Fergie's girls were snickering and Princess Anne's daughter was gobsmacked as they say. It made me laugh. Overall, I thought it was a nice ceremony...I bet she never thought she would grow up to marry an actual prince.

  7. I only watched part of it, but found it very nice. At least, she has settled Harry down. I hope it last, but a lot of people feel it will not.

  8. Not much choice here in Australia. Only one major station didn't show it but it had utter rubbish on it.
    I watched it out of curiosity. They seem an extremely in love couple and good luck to them.
    Prince Andrew's - the Queens second son - his daughters are Princesses, Anne decided that her kids would be non-titled, and Edwards kids being further down the chain are just lords or ladies!
    Quite a few of the other royals have the title of Princess, EG: Princess Michael of Kent or as some say - Princess Pushy and the most royal blooded of the lot.

    The Episcopal bishop from Chicago got a bit carried away, I was expecting the Rev Martin Luther King to do a Lazarus in the Chapel.
    Still they made it with that Southern US style Afro-American group of singers something VERY different and I guess to celebrate Meagan's background.
    I'd say it was interestingly different and why not.

    I see that LV has doubts - that doesn't surprise me one iota.
    Sad.........I bet if Meagan was a TRUE BLUE WHITE TEXAN she'd be OK.
    But GOD help the monarchy ha ha!

  9. No, I didn't watch it and thanked the heavens that they weren't getting married during the week we'll be there this summer. I don't get the hate. The only one who will have to pay if the wedding is a mistake is Harry, so I don't see why anyone needs to have an opinion on this union. He obviously knows her, we do not. Our opinions don't matter here.

  10. It was soooo hard to not watch it TBH. It was all that was one on TV! I tend to just watch our local news and CNN, and it seemed like that whole weekend was just all about the wedding...sigh....

  11. Did not watch it. I love the glamour of royalty, but it's just a wee bit undemocratic for my tastes.