Monday, May 7, 2018

Story: Old Paint

When you mix paint for a living, it's really common to have people want you to make more paint from stuff they had gotten in the past. Companies change lines and formulas all the time, so after a few years, you can easily tell when something is old. You wouldn't believe how many people say "I got this a few months ago" and the sticker said 2014 or something like that. I had a guy had a label from over ten years ago, and furiously denied that it was old when I mentioned it. It wasn't even an issue, he just wanted more, he wasn't even trying to whine for a freebie.  


  1. I've only bought paint a few times to change the bathroom or kitchen color but we used it within a week of getting it. Why pay money for something you aren't going to use for years? Makes no sense.

  2. Speaking of old, what's the best way to dispose of paint?

    1. See if a local recycling center might take it

      or you can get a bag of this absorbent made for it. They're pretty inexpensive and will turn it solid

  3. Interesting inside info, Adam. Say: good name for a horse!

  4. Customers can be so hard to deal with sometimes.

  5. I have some very old paint in the garage, probably 14 years old. It was leftover from when the previous owners had the house painted so we could know what the colors were and do touchups. I'll have to look for that absorbent stuff. I really don't like difficult customers, so I try always to be nice.

  6. Can't you just take a sample from the can and color match it? That's what I've done in the past and never had a problem, even with old paints.