Friday, June 15, 2018

Photo: Titanic Life Jacket

At the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, I saw this life-jacket from the actual Titanic. Technically this wasn't going to do much good in the icy cold waters that night, but's interesting to see how different this compares to the life jackets of today. 


  1. Interesting though to see this …

    All the best Jan

  2. That is interesting to see how different they are from today's life jackets.

  3. That's sad knowing this wouldn't have helped the people much.

  4. Due to the ill-fated Titanic voyage, many things have improved on the high seas for the safety of the passengers.

    I note you have a second report on the finding of the Titanic.
    Surely in the USA/Canada this great documentary filmed find
    has been shown on TV.
    Of course the lights from the search robotic cameras were strong,
    where does Infidel XYZ come from. Down at the depth of the TITANIC
    it would be pitch black!

    PS: ADAM: Hope you liked the cartoon of little Kim Yong in the back of his limo in Singapore telling his aide about the "TALK" with Musso Turnip Top.
    Poor little Justin Trudeau........what a naughty boy to upset MUsso of the Turnip Patch?????

  5. We've sure done some improvements in water safety devices since then!

  6. Thank goodness life jackets are better today, and I suppose in years to come someone will say the same of today's life jackets.

  7. Looks pretty damn bulky, doesn't it -- and you're right, it's no protection at all against hypothermia.