Thursday, June 7, 2018

Photos: District of Columbia War Memorial

This little memorial is to honor all those in DC who had served during World War I.
While walking to it, I saw this white squirrel. 
Might sound odd for me to care, but I've never seen a squirrel with such fur in person. All the ones in South Carolina are pretty gray. 
Anyway it's got these neat eagle in the middle of the floor. Nothing else really fancy about it. Doesn't get many visitors either. 


  1. That is a nice memorial Adam.
    Can't say I've ever seen a white squirrel.

    All the best Jan

  2. Ohh wow, that's actually gorgeous! Though small for honoring WWI veterans. Time goes by, people forget and create new "importances".
    That is an oddly light extremely fluffy squirrel, cute as hell! Was it more or less of an asshole? If not i'd trade local wild breeds with District of Columbia's anytime. Haha.

  3. A white squirrel is new to me too.

  4. I've never seen a white squirrel, so thanks for that, Adam. :-) WWWI -- The Great War -- The War to End all Wars. People forgot that quickly.

  5. That is a lovely memorial and also nice to see a different coloured squirrel in a photo.

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  7. the vietnam wall made me weep..

  8. I visited the WWI memorial when I was a kid... a long time ago. I've also never seen a white squirrel!

  9. It's a beautiful memorial.

    I have never seen a white squirrel before. Ours are all brown or gray here. Occasionally, we do see a black one pop up. They aren't frequently spotted in my town, but 2 towns over they have a ton of them.