Saturday, June 30, 2018

Photos: Famous American Swords

While swords were going out of style during the American Revolution, they remained part of the U.S. military as a practical tool for a little while longer. This is George Washington's Sword. 
 And this is the sword of Benjamin Lincoln who was the 2nd in command for the Americans at Yorktown. Benjamin Lincoln accepted the surrender as Cornwallis was so embarrassed he sent his 2nd in command to surrender instead.  
I also saw the sword and uniform of Andrew Jackson back when he was a war hero instead of president. 


Mary Kirkland said...

Great pictures. People still collect swords but I doubt they have these.

Christine said...

So interesting

Martha said...

Very interesting things to see

Fundy Blue said...

Aren't you glad that we don't have to learn to fight with swords today? Although, if we had to, Arya and Needle (GOT) would be my inspiration.