Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Photos: Smithsonian American Food History

 At the Smithsonian Museum of American History, they had a whole lot of stuff about the first things in the industry of food. Because why not! Half of us Americans are plagued with obesity.
I saw these Marvel/Avengers cups by 7 Eleven. All these decades later, and the heroes are still heroes to young and old.  
 I thought this first Gatorade can was bizarre. I'll take the plastic bottle, thank you....
Pringles is about the same besides the much different art of the Pringles man. 


  1. That's pretty interesting. The Pringles tube has changed a bit over the years.

  2. Food packaging is such a cultural icon.

  3. I knew a woman in the 1980s who kept toys from McDonald's in glass displays in her dining room. I thought they'd probably come in handy for retirement money.

  4. I loved Pringles as a kid/young adult, try to stay away from it now.

  5. Lots of junk food! Where's the Doritos bag?

  6. Americans are from a recent World Health survey the 4th fattest (obese) country on earth.
    We here in Australia can't boast we come in next!

    As for plastic. As of today in now three more states, one major supermarket chain has stopped putting your purchases in plastic bags, as from July the first this will happen in all shopping areas!
    Plastic is the curse of the planet.
    It will be interesting to see how shoppers will react?????????????

  7. This exhibit would be a trip down Memory Lane. The Pringles can literally made me salivate. That's one junk food I can't go near, because I will lose control. Colin is right; plastic is the curse of our planet. We all need to rethink our use of it.

  8. It's fun to see old packaging of the products we loved as kids. I sometimes find an old glass or jar from McDonalds or Smucker's jelly in the thrift store that we had as kids and get a smile remembering the era from which they came.