Friday, July 27, 2018

Fact of the Day: Vietnam POWs

The Vietnam War saw many American soldiers captured as prisoners of war under Communist Vietnam. The first to be captured, Floyd James Thompson spent nine years in captivity, making him the longest-serving POW in American history. 


Bob Bushell said...

A long time.

shwet said...

good information!
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Pat Hatt said...

Had to be awful indeed

Emmylou said...

Dang! 9 years....can you imagine?:(

Anonymous said...

oh my,,

Martha said...

That is a long time.

Kirk said...

I was pretty young at the time, but I remember the mass freeing of POWs at the end of America's involvement in that war. It got lot of attention.

Huggybear said...

Senator John McCain was a prisoner of note in what was referred to as
"The Hanoi Hilton".
Of course your idiot of a President has said "he shouldn't have been captured" and other inane remarks on this subject.
I recall the furore when "Hanoi Jane" went to the North.
The Viet Cong were also not very dutiful in care. The Geneva Convention was thrown out the window.......that's if it ever got through the window. All very sad indeed.

PS: For the Tea Party followers.........the Turnip Top avoided the call up. I read in a refutable magazine that the reason was he had "INGROWN TOE NAILS"!!!!!!!
Obviously in later years these toenails affected his brain cells!!!!