Monday, July 30, 2018

Photos: Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

The FDR Memorial in Washington DC is one of its best. Which is odd considering how far out it kind of is. Took us forever to figure out how to get to it.
 There's many things to it. It's not just a memorial to FDR but to the Great Depression/WWII era in general. 
They also gave respect to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.  
And I really liked this giant statue of FDR and his dog Fala. Looked like a alternate version of Wizard of Oz especially since Fala kind of looks like Toto. 


  1. Smiling. He does look like Toto, doesn't he?

  2. Hi! Thanks for your information.

  3. That is a cool memorial. They probably put it out of the way so people won't remember or ask what was the Depression and WWII all about.

  4. I remember this one. I even have photos of it!