Monday, July 16, 2018

Photos: Smithsonian Rock Gifts

In a few sections of the gift areas of the National Museum of Natural History, you can have the chance to take some pretty rocks home. This brought back a lot of memories. pyrite or "fool's gold" was a common thing in my childhood.
I also remember collecting these shiny rocks. 
And some more impressive shiny or unique ones. Some of these are super expensive. 
I did like this ruby ring, it was pretty reasonable too. Daisy doesn't wear much jewelry though, but it was nice to look at, at least. 
In another area, we had more "creations" than just rocks. These were little rock trees. 
Turtles and elephants. 
And penguins and a octopus. 


Anonymous said...

that octopus is amazing!

Martha said...

Wow, beautiful! I'd be so tempted to buy something.

Blue Grumpster said...

LOve the rocks but where are the rolls?

Christine said...

Lovely 'shopping', wish I was there.

Al said...

I keep a piece of gold ore in my car, from a Colorado mine. It's probably worth about a dime. Nice collections!

Jen said...

I loved the rock portion!!! It was one of my favorites.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I like the octopus. I'm back to collecting rocks. I say it's for the garden.