Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Things I Hate: Yuga (A Link Between Worlds)

 While I didn't hate him all around, I didn't have much admiration for the villain of the 3DS Zelda game. I blame part of it on how he looks like a stupid clown. Not very intimidating.
 You first meet him as he's turning soon-to-be sages into art. 
And Link has a few things to say about that.  
And it does take long to fight him.  
 And he turns you into art...great. 
But due to some magic thing Zelda gave you, you can move around as artwork. Neato! 
 All things said, I did enjoy the boss fights against him. 
Though near the end of the Hyrule parts, he summons Ganon back from the dead and fuses with him. That's pretty extraordinary! 

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