Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Things I Like: Princess Zelda (A Link Between Worlds)

 Though not much different from most incarnations of Princess Zelda, I liked her in the 3DS game.
 As usual, her Hyrule Castle is covered in dark magic...not again. 
 And the evil Yuga corners her and turns her into a painting. 
 And Link doesn't want her to be art. 
 Though even as a painting, she's able to send Link a magical item with the light arrows. 
 Once Yuga Ganon is defeated's she is free from her artistic prison. 
 And Link almost has to save her again from a enraged Princess Hilda until Ravio calms down his dark princess. 
But Hilda comes back to sanity and sends them peacefully back to Hyrule. And Link and Zelda wish for Lorule's triforce to come back so the Lorule realm would stabilize. 

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