Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Things I Like: Yuga Ganon (A Link Between Worlds)

 While this version of Ganon died in the finale of A Link to the Past, it didn't take many years for him to rise again from the ashes. 
 Mainly due to the magic of the evil clown wizard Yuga. 
However Ganon is a bit of a puppet here. Yuga fuses with Ganon to become an even stronger titan.  
 And he almost kills Link. 
 But you get your real chance to finish him off at the end. 
And he's a little tougher than Ganon is in A Link to the Past.  
 Though the energy ball tennis match reminded me of the Ganondorf battle in Ocarina of Time. The last rhythm of this tennis back and forth can be frustrating to get perfect. 
 But I liked that you had to fire a light arrow in the 2D plane at him. 
And Hyrule and Lorule are saved once again!

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