Saturday, August 25, 2018

Fact of the Day: Kaiser Sister

While it's not odd for a queen to officially convert to her husband's religion/denomination (if different), Kaiser Wilhelm II (the Kaiser of World War 1) was furious when his sister Sophia of Prussia converted to the Greek Orthodox Church when she married King Constantine I of Greece. He actually tried to prevent her from ever visiting Germany ever again. 


  1. I think it's nice to have Royalty...
    We have them over here of course, don't
    mind a King..Queen..and a prince or two,
    princess even..But! They are all inter
    breed..all the royals, ours mostly with
    the Germans, even Prince Philip is Greek!
    So it's NOT true blue that runs through
    their veins...But! Their o.k. and earn
    a lot of money for the country and the
    economy..! :).

    HaHa! Summat just crossed my mind....
    Can you imagine a King Donald..HaHa!
    I don't mean Duck either..They'd never
    find a crown big enough to fit his wig...! :).

    1. Phillip has German Blood in his veins.
      He may have been born in Greece (Corfu) on
      a kitchen table! But he ain't Greek. I'd be surprised
      if he knew one word of Greek.

  2. These kings and queens of days past were so cray cray! :D

  3. Talk about the areal housewives of Royalty!

  4. Look at it from Wilhelm's perspective. He probably believed he and his family had a "divine right" to rule, and it's hard to make that case if a royal member switches from one divine right to another.

    Of course, you could argue it's really brute force that gave those people their right to rule, but that's beside the point.