Monday, August 27, 2018

Fact of the Day: Real Palestine

While a real country with its own government and head of state, Palestine is not recognized by most of Western Europe, the United States of America, Canada, and Australia. While there are a few exceptions, almost all of South America's, Asia's, and Africa's nations recognize the State of Palestine. 


  1. And...Lets be quite honest here....
    It's 'YOU' and the 'British' supplying
    Arms/Bombs to the Israelis to kill innocent
    people and children..The western world or
    the U.S. of A will never learn...NEVER! :(.
    Very sad..But true...!

    1. The Jewish people endured centuries of oppression to return to their ancient, biblical homeland. 5 Neighboring armies attacked and told the residents of the land to leave. People I know personally who were in concentration camps, got to the new land of Israel just in time to fight in that war of liberation. Jordan is 3/4 of old Palestine, but the Hasmenites took it from Britain and called it Jordan. The Palestinian people have been offered their own sovereign land several times if you care to Google it. Turned it down wanting it all. Accepted GAZA. As soon as Israel and Egypt withdrew, Hamas turned it into a terror-tunnel and rocket firing base. Good people on both sides are working towards peace in good faith, but demonizing one side only feeds into the narratives of terror. If you truly care, look more deeply into these things. Thank You for your time! <3

    2. It is a mess alright.
      Good people on both sides - Israelites and Palestinians,
      and the likes of Turnip Top should shut up, and get out.
      Moving the bloody US Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv was just provocative.
      Then again I doubt whether Turnip Top and his mob have a clue what Jerusalem means to both sides.

      Your thoughts are well constructed Cloudia.
      The British have much to answer for in this dilemma after WW 2. The French also with them also being the colonial powers in this region.

  2. Replies
    1. Kindly see my remarks too. And look deeply into BOTH SIDES of this! Thank You <3

  3. Umm interesting~ Nobody cares really

  4. This country creates, along with Israel, huge contentious issues all around the world. It has led to many disquieting moments to say the least.

    1. Please see my remarks as well, Brigit. Many Palestinians and Israelis want to live peacefully together!

  5. So much controversy, interesting though,, the fact I mean, you certainly are a wealth of info you are,