Wednesday, August 1, 2018

My July 2018 Favorites

 Here are my favorite things in entertainment for the month of July.
Favorite TV Show: Shameless
I'm getting closer and closer to finishing Shameless' current seasons. One of my favorite shows to binge watch in recent memory. You never quite know what the Gallagher family will be up to this time. 

Favorite Video Game: Kirby Star Allies (Nintendo Switch)
This is one of the rare months were I completed not just one, but three new video games. I didn't really dig Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus, but Doom on Nintendo Switch was good but not great. Kirby Star Allies was good deal better than Doom in my opinion, and I really liked it. So it gets the top honors for July. 

Favorite Film: Full Metal Jacket
A lot of films from 1987 have not aged well, but Full Metal Jacket ages like a fine wine. I had never seen it until now, but I've enjoyed it more than a lot of recent movies today. A very unique film set during the Vietnam War days both at home in America and at the war in Southeast Asia. I'm glad I finally sat down to watch it. 


  1. you have nice and fun favorites !

  2. i wanna try that Kirby Stars Allies :)

  3. I blush to admit I'm not familiar with any of these.

  4. Shameless was popular in the UK too … although I believe it was a different cast.

    All the best Jan

  5. I’ve been wanting to see shameless but keep missing it. Full Metal Jacket is excellent.