Thursday, August 23, 2018

Photo: Black Cat Near Daisy's Work

 Daisy's old car had to be fixed by her dad, so one night I had to pick her up from work. As I was waiting for her, a black cat comes out of nowhere and gets close to me.
I tried to get closer, but he seemed to want to be my friend, but didn't trust me in the long-run. Oh well...


  1. I thought if a black cat passes in front of you it's meant to be lucky!?

    All the best Jan

  2. those glowing's a magical cat

  3. Awww...hope he has somewhere warm with food when he needs it!

  4. wonder if it was a stray or someones pet that was out for an evening walk...

  5. Some people think they are bad luck.

  6. love the eyes of this cat!! is like a movie !!

  7. Cats out prowling at night mean trouble.
    I hope it was neutered but I guess you didn't
    have a the time to grab the thing and have a look - ha ha???

  8. Those eyes! Wow. He is cute though.

  9. Different opinions about a black cat
    around the world...
    Lucky or Unlucky if you see one....?

    Most of Europe considers the black cat
    a symbol of bad luck, particularly if
    one walks across the path in front of
    a person, which is believed to be an
    omen of misfortune and death....! :(.

  10. Looks like a robot with those glowing eyes!