Sunday, August 12, 2018

Photos: Smithsonian Air and Space Planes

 I didn't like the National Air and Space Museum too much. Too many tourists around and about.
Which makes it hard to enjoy things.  
But we walked around to try to enjoy it. 
 You had old types of planes. 
 Models of planes. To be frank, I'm not too amazed by the existence of planes alone. 
And even ideas of what could have been planes. You have to remember, before planes, people could only imagine a ship in the sky. Now it seems really stupid for a ship to be in the sky.  


  1. Oh! I don't know...What about an 'airship'...! :).

    HeHe! We say things like "To many tourists"..but after
    all said and done that's the general idea of places
    like museums etc..for people to visit, especially
    tourists...if it's old, people will want to see it...!

  2. Good that you made it there to see.

  3. My husband has been there. It really isn't interesting to me so I haven't gone.

  4. It's great that it exists, but it wouldn't be at the top of my list either.

  5. It did look busy … a popular place to visit!

    All the best Jan

  6. Adam !
    The "Hindenburg" was a trans-Atlantic AIRSHIP!
    There were plenty of Airships flying around as spotter
    and bomber machines in WW1 and after as passenger aircraft.

    Strange for a young man not to be fascinated with this museum.

  7. That's too bad you didn't enjoy it. Even with all of the tourists, I think it still would have been a neat place to explore.

  8. I agree. This place was extremely busy when we were there!