Thursday, August 2, 2018

Photos: Thomas Jefferson Memorial

 We almost missed the Jefferson Memorial on our trip to DC. Our feet were killing us, however I was not going to let this one slip by me. I managed to convince my wife Daisy and my mother that it was worth the extra steps.
 Which made these steps even worse to climb. You'll feel like Rocky if you try to climb these steps after a day of DC tourism. 
It doesn't take long to see the main attraction.  
I always thought he'd be the color of marble like Abraham Lincoln the Lincoln Memorial but he's like a dark bronze here. While I was glad I got to see it, Jefferson's memorial doesn't quite compare to Abe Lincoln's. 


  1. It is good to see and read your reports on this visit to Washington DC.
    You have done well and one hopes that you have learnt from this experience.

    One thing for sure that future generations ( if we survive that long with that "clown" in power at present and the noose seems to be getting closer), Looney Bin Turnip Top will have no monument in your capitol venerating him.
    Maybe in the back blocks of Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi and "Tea party", bible bashing, bigoted little places in Texas - like Lubbock!!

  2. I feel for you, Daisy, and your mom climbing those stairs. Tired feet, ouch.

  3. Having been to visit some of these places, I totally understand about the exhaustion. There is so much to see and a lot of walking around to get it done. You need a vacation after this vacation!

  4. The Lincoln Memorial is a lot more "monumental." But the walkway to the Jefferson Memorial when the cherry blossoms are in bloom is magical. I didn't get there on this last trip!

  5. But long after the feet have rested up, you'll still have the memory of seeing it in person. Glad you forged on!