Friday, September 21, 2018

Fact of the Day: Frank Hayes

In 1923, a jockey named Frank Hayes won the last race of his life. People discovered that he actually died mid-race of a heart attack but his body stayed on the saddle of his horse until the end. 


  1. Wow, that's amazing. Talk about dropping dead in harness, eh?

  2. The above photo is certainly not of 1923 vintage!

    At least the punters would have been paid out, if he had fallen off well just too bad - the punters lose.
    I guess this Frank Hayes was really a true sportsman, right till the last!

    What weird and even tiresome comments above - makes me think some people have an obscene love of seeing their names in print!

  3. Poor dude! What if his death freaked the horse out and that's why it ran so fast.