Thursday, September 20, 2018

Photo: Old Spartanburg Peach Monument

Saw this next to my local library. I'm guessing they were either tearing it down or restoring it as they had barriers around it. It's pretty darn old, it's from back in 1947. While California makes the most peaches, the peach is an important crop to South Carolina (and Georgia) and its history. While the words are a little hard to read in person, this is what it says. 

This monument is erected out of respect for the peach. Delectable fruit of a friendly soil and beneficent Sun. Upon a pedestal we place it as a symbol of God's Bounty and man's enterprise. Spartanburg County has the honor of the richest peach harvest in the nation, and we are grateful for this favor. 


  1. That's a different monument!
    Peaches are delicious.

    All the best Jan

  2. I like peaches, especially with ice cream.

  3. What an interesting theme for a monument.

  4. That is such a cool monument!! I love stuff like this.

  5. Ah - a claim to fame for Spartanburg!
    Peach capital of the USA.

    Any rotten peaches can be delivered to Turnip Top
    at 1600 Penn. Avenue so as he can childishly throw them
    at the pesky Attorney-General of the USA, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions 111 - must give the poor bloke his full handle and not to forget he is the third of the line.
    What a circus - and you, Adam, can only dig up Barnum and Barnum!

    Cheers from the ever amused one south of the Equator

  6. Well, whoever would have thought there would be a monument to a peach? What a peachy idea!!! ( I know- I know---how lame is that comment?)lol

  7. Darn you, Nana Diana -- I was going to say it was peachy but you beat me to it!

  8. Odd monument, but the peach is a wonderful fruit.

  9. It hard to go peaches in North Idaho.
    Coffee is on

  10. That is pretty interesting. Very unique.

  11. I didn't know South Carolina is also known for peaches. I enjoy a plump, juicy peach. They're hard to come by.