Saturday, September 22, 2018

Photo: Social Relevance Light Bulb Spartanburg

My city of Spartanburg has these light bulbs everywhere as a large art project. This one I hadn't seen before, it was downtown near the library and the ice cream places. It's called Social Relevance by a local artist named Page Davis. I don't get the point of the colors, but they are pretty. 


  1. colorful...and maybe that was her only point.

  2. Quite a few cities and large towns here in Australia have these such "strange" objects. They are called "works of art" by local artisans!!!
    Some are quite grotesque and makes one wonder - "WHAT THE HELL IS IT SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT".......but it is better than unwanted graffiti!

    Nevertheless they are a talking point for visitors.

  3. I wonder if the artist was being ironic with the title. Or maybe she thought by calling it Social Relevance it would make it socially relevant.