Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Things I Like: Ying (Paladins)

 One of the champions in the game Paladins, Ying is certainly one of the most beautiful in the roster. This Asian genie certainly is a unique character.
 Though she does have her deep flaws. She shoots laser beams out of a mirror, but they're not that powerful. 
 Her most useful power is to create an "illusion" of herself and use it to heal teammates, and to fool enemies. I didn't realize until a few matches with Ying that you can tell your clone to find the closest enemy and sacrifice itself. 
Despite all of her powers, all of her attacks are a good bit weak. She works well at long-range but only to support your teammates. Ying doesn't last long if you want to Rambo yourself against an whole enemy team. While she was far from my favorite to use, I did like Ying overall. 

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