Wednesday, October 31, 2018

My October 2018 Favorites

 October was a great month for me, here are my favorites in the realm of entertainment.
Favorite Film: Interview with the Vampire
After watching some many movies that have not passed good, Interview with the Vampire is certainly in the great and above league. A well done movie based on a popular book series, which also featured actors (except for the then-already huge star Tom Cruise) who would later become very famous on their own right. 

Favorite Video Game: Paladins 
While not new for me, I spent a good number hours having a lot of fun with Paladins. Found a new champion I've done really well with, so I've been having more fun with Paladins than I did with Rayman Legends. Mega Man 11 came close but I haven't spent as much time with the game once October was over. 

Favorite TV Show: Gotham 
Gotham's 2nd season is what we had been watching a lot of. The seasons are so long, we are almost finished with the second season. It's a really good series which shows a young Jim Gordon as a detective and a very young Bruce Wayne long before he ever adopted the bat mask. 


Cloudia said...

Thank Adam!

Jen said...

Interview with the Vampire is such an amazing movie!!! The book is great too!

Birgit said...

Interview with the Vampire is excellent and the book series is superb. I only watched part of the first season of Gotham and just never got into it.