Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014 Film) Review

 To be honest, I was on the side of hating on Peter Jackson for making The Hobbit book into THREE MOVIES. If he had a time machine, he should have just made the The Hobbit first and then The Lord of the Rings. The first movie dragged on so much, but I liked the second movie. But due to waiting and my wife pestering about seeing the first two AGAIN, I ended up taking almost four years to see the final film. 

 The movie starts not long after the events of the first. Smaug the Dragon is free and is setting out to bring havoc to the nearby human town of fisherman. Bilbo Baggins and his dwarf friends are shocked to see the might dragon slain by a lucky bowman. With the dragon dead, they can keep the fortunes of the mountain. 
 But Bilbo learns that the mountain's gold is kind of cursed. King Thorin Oakenshield starts to go mad from the desire to keep what is "his". His hobbit friend tries to tell him otherwise but he is lost to most logic and reason the longer he stays up the mountain. Even his dwarf comrades are concerned over his madness. 
 But with the famous death of the mighty dragon Smaug did not go unnoticed. News soon reaches other kingdoms and the elves are the first to arrive to claim "their share". Thorin obviously is in no generous mood and fortifies his castle before they make it there. However what both the elves and dwarves should be worried about is the armies of dark creatures like the orcs waiting to use all of their power to take the whole thing.  
Overall my feelings about the Battle of the Five Armies are bittersweet. For as much hype as the upcoming Smaug battle made me feel during the end of the 2nd movie, it felt kind of lame when I saw it actually happen in the 3rd film. Like the previous two films, things are rather stretched out more than they should be. In 20-30 years when filmmakers want to remake the works of Tolkien hopefully it will be done in the proper order. 

Score: B


  1. I agree. This should have been a single movie. It was padded out WAY too much with extraneous crap.

  2. I agree. I loved the LOTR films, but the Hobbit was stretched out, and there were far too many Hollywood moments for my taste. We recently watched them again and they weren't as bad as I remembered, but they're a long way from the quality of the LOTR movies.

  3. I cannot list the # of times we have watched the LOTR. My husband is like that. We had read the books before seeing the movies, and wondered where the heck Strider had a love in the book? Oh, how I hate movies that slash and burn, than add invasive characters.

  4. Ugg, soo annoying that they dragged it out int 3 movies. Way too much filler junk.

  5. Oh, and for anyone who didn't read the books, saw the 3 LOTR and then Hobbit, how confusing is that? Did Legolas love Evangeline, where in the world is he in the book?

    One of the best part of the Hobbit is the Green Wizard, played by Ian Holm. Don't ask why, but it is.

  6. I the Lord of the Rings and I like the Hobbit. It could have been shortened a lot. There are some moments which are quite creepy like the spiders...ichhhhh