Thursday, November 15, 2018

Gotham (TV Series) Season 2 Review

Gotham is a TV series Daisy and I started back in 2016, but we waited about a year to start the second season. While I really liked the first season, the season was lengthy in both episode count and how long each episode is. Not many people could finish Gotham in a weekend, which is true for the second season too. 
 The second season takes place with Jim Gordon trying to climb up the ladder again with the Gotham City Police Department. Due to his bravery to do the right thing, he becomes a regular cop in a blue uniform. Which is far below what Jim Gordon was as a detective. Though Batman fans know that it won't take long for James Gordon to get his old job back. 
 Jim Gordon's "friend" Oswald "Penguin" Cobblepot is now the figurehead of the mafia of Gotham. With all of Penguin's enemies either "retired" or dead, there's not much to stop the kooky villain from being number one. Though Penguin should be the person James Gordon should be the least concerned with. 
 The true villain to look out for is Theo Galavan. A "fresh" face to Gotham but his family has history all the way back to the city's founding year, very much like the Wayne family. He's a billionaire and behind the scenes he lets escaped Arkham Asylum lunatics drive the city into utter chaos. To make matters worse is that he's running to be the new Mayor of Gotham after the current mayor "disappeared". There's not many in Gotham who even have a clue who they shouldn't be voting for or trusting.    
Overall Gotham's 2nd season impressed me, but perhaps not as much as the first season. The story kind of has its own halves that feel very unique towards the other. I thought Bruce Wayne's story evolved quite a bit, despite him being many years from becoming the mighty Batman. The Riddler becomes a real villain this time around and I thought him and Hugo Strange were some of the best surpises. 

Score: B

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